3D Printed Harley Davidson Innov camera mounts

Harley Davidson 3D Printed Innov Camera Mounts created by 3D scanning westmidlands

3D Printed Harley Davidson Innov Camera Mount

When it comes to mounting cameras to cars, bikes etc, there is sometimes a problem with the mounting of these camera where you would like them. It doesn’t matter what type you buy they always never fit correctly, that’s where we can help. By 3D Scanning, designing and printing we can make special mounts for vehicles that can be place anywhere you would like.

The Owner of this Harley Davidson bike for example wanted the cameras mounted so that you couldn’t see them without a second look. These mounts had to be made to fit areas of the bike where a standard camera mount couldn’t fit.

After just a few moments of scanning the area of information was captured and the data then was transferred into our CAD system. Our team then design the special mounts for the camera to fit exactly where the customer wanted.

This technology can save you time and money as it gives you the control to have exactly what you want.

If there are any questions Please contact us, our team are ready to help.

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