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Searching for top-notch 3D scanning services? Look no further! We are your go-to experts for all things 3D scanning, whether it’s replicating vintage components, reverse engineering, preserving cultural heritage, or tool making. Our expertise ensures that we can help you achieve your desired outcomes.

3D scanning technology enables us to accurately and swiftly capture intricate details of objects in three dimensions. Once scanned, these objects can be easily modified, exported, or adapted to suit a variety of purposes.

We can effortlessly convert files into STL 3D print formats, making them ready for direct use with a 3D printer. Alternatively, we can transfer the scanned data to CAD software, where we can redesign or reverse engineer components as needed. This cutting-edge approach provides unparalleled flexibility in design and manufacturing capabilities.

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Harley Davidson 3D Printed Innov Camera Mounts created by 3D scanning westmidlands

Flexible Design, Rapid Prototyping,
Large Format 3D Scanning, Infinite Possibilities!

3D scanning involves examining real-world objects or environments to gather data about their form and appearance, which can then be used to create digital 3D models. This technology is widely utilized in the entertainment sector for movie production, video game development, and virtual reality experiences.

As a swift method for generating three-dimensional models, 3D scanning allows for the quick conversion of collected data into a triangular mesh or STL file. Within our software, we can refine and perfect the scanned objects as needed.

Thanks to its speed, precision, and exceptional output quality, 3D scanning has emerged as an industry standard across various sectors, making it an indispensable tool in modern design and manufacturing processes.

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